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Product Characteristics

      1、Thermal Alteration Performance

      Crucible works at high temperature, thus, high thermal alteration preformance, such as no crack, is deeply needed. In the production process control, the particle shape, size and distribution proportion of raw material are all according to the modern framentation technology, like automatic control, split-flow, sifting, combination, mixing, vacuum seal, setting time for equilibrium reaction, to make the crucible achieve the best flexible status, molding, and biscuit firing. Therefore its thermal alteration performance is very high.

      2、Anti-erosion Performance

      Due to different materials have different anti-erosion performance, we pay a deep attention on the solution contact area, adding good anti-erosion materials. The contact area is with high compactness by adopting the technology of automatic smooth, which both improves the purity of the solution, and extands the service life of the crucible.

      3、Unique Design

      According to the circulation, distribution, and current situation of fire intensity of Beng kiln, the product shape isdesigned by increasing the effective heat-transfer surface, reducing the remaining material of the bottom after years of practice. This design makes the heat transfer faster and capacity larger, and saves much more energy.

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Items Unit Enterpri sestandand Directions
Ai203 % ≥38
Si02 % ≥51

Fe203 % ≤07
Apparent Porosity % <32
Biscuiting firing/900℃
Cold compressive kg/cm2 >80
Biscuiting firing

Operating temperature ≥1550
The furnace core temperature